Friday, March 03, 2006

Take Out

I just wrote about an old standby that we cook; I suppose Ming Dynasty is a standby when we don't feel like cooking. We usually eat in and rarely get take out, but tonight we brought it home. In the picture are sweet and sour veggie meatballs (the sauce and veggies come separately when you get takeout), veggie chicken with black mushrooms, and brown rice. We also got a couple of spring rolls which didn't make it into the picture. Yum.


Jeff said...

Have you been to Ming lately?

I stopped going there around `03 because the dining room looked like it hadn't been cleaned since I graduated from UVA (in 96!). They have new owners and haven't been shut down by the Health Department so I presume they've given it a once over with Orange Glow or something (bleach and turpentine?).

Chris said...

We make it there occasionally. It's maybe not quite as good under the new owners but still decent.