Friday, July 21, 2006

Scrambled Tofu and Green Beans

Sometimes when we make scrambled tofu we like to use silken tofu for a little bit different texture. Darlene whipped this up in a snap by opening a box of silken tofu, dicing it and frying it - this time with a little soy sausage. She seasoned it with salt & pepper, turmeric, celery seed and nutritional yeast. Meanwhile I fixed us some salads and steamed the green beans. Our garden isn't doing so well this year but I did find a big cucumber out there today so that went into the salad along with a few fresh cherry tomatoes. We've got some beans planted and they're looking pretty good but they haven't produced anything yet so these were what we picked up at the market last weekend. For dessert we walked downtown and went to Splendora's Gelato Cafe where, in addition to the gelato, they have several flavors of dairy-free sorbet. Alas, there's no vegan soft-serve in our little town but Splendora's will suffice. It's a tad more pricey than your average everyday ice cream shop but well worth it.

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