Sunday, September 03, 2006

5 Things

I've seen this going around the vegan blogosphere lately and now it's my turn, having been tagged by Teddy. This "joint project" was started at The Travelers Lunchbox and though the ever growing list isn't remotely vegan (how many times is foie gras on there?), us vegans can have fun with it to. So here's my 5 things to eat before you die:

  1. Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate. Sorry to be a copycat Teddy but let's face it, milk chocolate sucks. And companies that put milk fat in their dark chocolate really suck. Call me a chocolate snob (and some of you will) but if it doesn't have at least 70% cacao I'm not interested. It's been a little while since I've had the TJ's brand but I believe it comes in at 73% and I think it's my favorite of many brands I've tried. And if you don't have a Trader Joe's near you just seek out some other organic dark chocolate with the cacao percentage in the 70s.
  2. A big, crispy authentic masala dosa. OK, I've never been to India so I can't be sure of the authenticity of the best dosas I've had, but I've been to a couple of different restaurants that I think do them right. And I always feel like I should try all the other wonderful South Indian fare at said restaurants (and sometimes I do), but I always come back to the simple masala dosa.
  3. Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Meatballs from Ming Dynasty in Charlottesville, VA. I realize most of you won't be able to do this one, but if you're ever visiting our fair city a stop at Ming is a must for these 'meatballs'.
  4. Vegan Apple Uglies. 'Nuff said. (recipe)
  5. Artichokes. We use the canned variety quite a bit but I'm talking about a fresh artichoke that you steam yourself then pull off the leaves one by one and dip them in your favorite sauce, sucking off the sweet flesh as you go.

So who to tag next? This has been around the block a few times already but I think I've found 5 folks who haven't done it yet:



Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

Cool list, Im game!!! Ill get at this soon. 5 things hhhhhmmmmmmm...

Huggs, G

Dilip said...

Hi Chris. Hmm... I was tagged twice today with this meme. Check out my blog entry for today; I hope to come up with my list of (only?!) five soon.

Dilip said...

Check out ...