Friday, September 15, 2006

Fried Seitan with Greens

This was definitely a 'use what's in the fridge' kind of night. There was a small bunch of chard and a tomato from last weekend's market that were still hanging on plus the seitan I made last weekend but didn't do anything with. I'd been wanting to try the seitan recipes in La Dolce Vegan and now I finally have. I made the Faux Chicken over the weekend and it was quite easy to do; tonight I cut it into strips and made Jay Lo's Fried "Chicken". Just mix some flour with paprika, salt & pepper then coat the seitan with the flour mixture, then with plain soymilk, then with the flour mixture again, and fry in oil until brown and crispy. Holy yumminess Batman! It was sooo good.

For the chard I diced the stems and cooked them in olive oil with some green onions and salt & pepper, then I added the greens along with lemon juice, agave and dijon mustard and cooked for a few minutes more. That came out to be quite yummy too and I topped it off with some fresh diced yellow tomato on the side. I wish I could've shared it with Darlene but alas, she's in Buffalo for her sister's wedding. It's a bummer that I couldn't go but I'm staying home with Violet. She's doing fairly well but we didn't feel comfortable leaving her for so long and disrupting her routine so I'm cooking for one for at least one more night.


springsandwells said...

hi chris!
wow, this looks incredible! i am going to be coooking up a storm once i'm back in the states... and i will definitely try this one. it sounds great. I'm glad to hear that Violet is better and that you are home keeping her company. Here in Croatia and Bosnia i Herzegovina there are a lot of sweet little stray dogs and cats... it really makes us sad. We carry around treats for them all the time. It's nice to hear about a little fuzzie sweetie getting the love she deserves.

madeinalaska said...

boy we LOVE the J-lo "chicken" in our house too! looks like a lovely combo you came up w/ for dinner!
poor kitty....lucky to have you taken care of wishes to you both..

Chris said...

It's fun and inspiring to travel but it's also nice to get back home right Amey? Stray critters make me sad too - I wish I could bring them all home but I think with our little house we're already at our limit.

thanks madeinalaska - I know I'll be making that one again.