Thursday, September 14, 2006

Restaurant Round Up

I've been wanting to do this for quite a while since we've written about a number of local restaurants by now. So we present to you our...

Not quite comprehensive guide to vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants in Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia.

Links on the restaurant name are to where we've written about them here.


Ming Dynasty (link 2) - Chinese with lots of veg. options. Map.
Cafe 88 - Chinese bento boxes and snacks. Run by the former owner of Ming Dynasty. Map.
Maharaja - Indian. Map.
Milan - Indian. Map.
Himalayan Fusion - Indian, and vicinity. Map.
The Flat - take out creperie. Map.
Eppie's - decent veggie plates. Map.
Christian's Pizza - only 1 vegan option but it's a good one. Map.
Dr. Ho's Humble Pie - possibly better than Christian's but more out of the way. Map.
Mellow Mushroom Pizza - turns out the soy cheese contains casein. Map.
Sticks - excellent hummus, not sure about the veggies though. Map.
Splendora's - for dessert. Map.


Harrison Street Coffee Shop - Haven't written much about this one but it's all vegetarian, mostly vegan. Many great vegan sandwiches among other things. Map.
Panda Veg - all vegan Chinese (yes, I said all vegan). Map.
Sticky Rice - Sushi, lots of vegan options. Map.
821 Cafe - several vegan options. Map.
Moe's - chain burrito place with tofu as an option. Map.


kleo2 said...

Wow, now i know where to go if i ever get out that way. Thanks for the comprehensive look!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

Mmmm, unfortunately, my visit was rushed and crazy, but we hit the mellow mushroom in Charlottesville and enjoyed a fabulous tempeh hoagie with sprouts, mushrooms, onion, avacado. sooo good! actually looking to visit the fam again so we can try some of your suggestions!

bazu said...

Thanks so much for this list. Thanks to all the great blogs out there, I never have to travel unarmed with good restaurant options! Actually, my mom and aunt live down in VA so I do get to go down there a few times a year. Looking forward to trying some of these places out.

Chris said...

Ah... the Mellow Mushroom. We haven't been there since we started the blog but their tempeh hoagie is good. Too bad they don't offer vegan cheese on their pizzas...

If any of you do come for a visit send us an e-mail.

OkraMary said...

Mmm...panda veg is so good! I live in Norfolk, but have tons of friends I visit in Richmond....always a stop there. Thanks for the post!

Chris said...

Indeed it is! And we've found some good food in Norfolk too.

Anonymous said...

Try Oasis on Elliwood on the Corner. Now serving vegan wholesome soups, wraps, salads, smoothies, and awesome juices. The freshest place around.

Anonymous said...

Sublime is the name of the oasis I mislabeled in my last entry!

Chris said...

Thanks anonymous. I've heard about Sublime but we haven't tried it yet.

And an update to my earlier comment about Mellow Mushroom - they do have vegan cheese now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Darlene,

Since I work at UVA hospital and eat lunch on the Corner frequently, I wanted to mention a couple places you might want to check out.

At Qdoba the Roasted Veggie or Vegetarian burritos (I get them "naked" without the wrap) are vegan if you say no to the cheese and sour cream. Their website says all their sauces/salsas and their tortilla soup are also vegan. The Veg burrito is beans and rice, and the Roasted Veggie has squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers as well.

Lee's Grill (mostly Chinese but with a strange combination of choices - Jumpbo burger???) will substitute tofu for any meat in its Chinese food, even if it doesn't say so specifically on the menu. They are not as good as the now-defunct First Wok was, but they are not bad.

Sakura's vegetable tempura is very good. You usually get 7 or 8 different vegetables including avocado, which is kinda weird, actually. Comes with miso soup and I always add a garden salad.

Mesob (Ethiopian) (next the the 14th Street garage) has several vegan options on its buffet. Lentils galore!

Not sure if Mellow Mushroom's hummus dip with pita wedges is vegan (why wouldn't it be?) but I usually get that when I'm there instead of pizza since Christian's is just up the block and so much better. MM salads are terrible, by the way.

North of town I really love the Lime Leaf (Thai). Lots of options and very heavy on veggies and light on sauce. Royal Indian, Maharaja, and Milan are for when you need an Indian meal. All note on the menu which dishes are vegan.

Thanks to anonymous for the tip on Sublime Oasis, and just wanted to say keep up the good work on the blog. I've been veg for a few years but went "all the way" for 2008 and haven't looked back.


Anonymous said...

Now that I posted the comment I see you already mentioned Mesob and two of the Indian places. Sorry! Poor short-term memory I have.


Triathlonmom said...

Don't forget Ipanema on Grace Street. One of the best restaurants in Richmond, and happens to be vegetarian. Also, Tara Thai, Mom's Siam, and Chen's are great for ethnic vegetarian. And of course the Mediteranian Deli on Quiccoison Rd. for Middle Eastern vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Also, "Just Curry" on the Corner will make their
Curry with Tofu dish, vegan, if you ask.

Speaking of Tara Thai, I thought I remember
reading in Restaurantama (sp?) that it would
be moving into the Cassela's space in Barrack's
Rd. Shopping Ctr.

Oh, and Aroma's has just opened in Barrack's Rd.

Thanks for the blog!


pleasurefromthethorns said...

regarding the comment about "Just Curry" from Anonymous dated 04/15/08: according to a very recent conversation with the owner/proprieter of "Just Curry" about the vegetable curry, he said,
"there is a smidgen of butter. less than a tablespoon per serving. actually, i make 20-quart batches of this stuff, and each batch has about 4 ounces of butter, so whatever that is."

buyer beware vegetarian cuisine cleverly disguised as vegan!

Chris said...

Interesting note about Just Curry. What they told me was that they normally finish it with butter but that can be left out. But that was the person at the counter telling me that, not the cook.

quillin said...

just in case y'all are interested: panda veg is now panda garden again and is serving meat. ipanema serves meat yet has a tremendous selection of veg and vegan options. and harrison street is still kicking out the diner style sandwiches ALL veg and vegan, all the time. Visit for the menu and daily specials!

Emily said...

I just stumbled upon this post so this is very late, but the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've been to in Richmond is Ipanema, at 917 west Grace street. OMG it is awesome.