Thursday, October 05, 2006

Corn Fritters

I was flipping through Vegan with a Vengeance the other day trying to find something to make for dinner that we've yet to try. Not an easy task anymore but I settled on the Corn Fritters. It's no longer corn season here so I used frozen corn instead of fresh and that worked fine. It is prime season for red bell peppers though and that's good since the recipe calls for about 1/4 of a pepper, finely diced. I chopped up the rest of the pepper and with that made a nice saute as a side along with yellow squash and mixed greens. To the saute I also added garlic, salt & pepper, a pinch of cumin and a little lime juice and maple syrup. That came out good though I think I went just a little to heavy on the lime juice; a little goes a long way. And speaking of lime juice I made a simple guacamole to top off the fritters. Yeah, the fritters... they were quite delectable though I had a bit of a problem with them sticking to the pan. That may be due to our crummy pan rather than the recipe though. (Said pan is actually a higher-end Calphalon non-stick variety but the non-stick surface is shot. I should contact them and try to get a replacement.)


Anonymous said...

You are right that it's hard to find a recipe from that book that we haven't already tried! I have to admit, though, that I focus mostly on desserts. Great-looking dinner!

Chris said...

We've probably tried an equal mix from all the sections but I am particularly fond of the desserts too.