Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creamed Spinach

Another cookbook we've added to our collection recently is The Convenient Vegetarian by Virginia Messina and Kate Schumann. I'd never heard of it and I might not've sought it out and/or bought it new but we happened upon it at a used book store last week and it was $3.50 so we figured we'd give it a shot. It's all vegan and is mostly all about quick and easy meals. This spinach recipe came together quickly with onions & garlic, frozen spinach, silken tofu, veg. broth, sun-dried tomatoes and a few seasonings. We had it over cous cous with some toast on the side and it was quite good. It'd also be good with pasta. This came from the "planover" section of the book, which is about taking a basic recipe then making a new meal on another night from the leftovers. So what would you do with leftover creamed spinach? We'll be taking a cue from this book and incorporating the leftovers into another meal soon so stay tuned.


KathyF said...

Well there goes that idea--I'd been thinking of writing a book with the title "The Convenient Vegan".

Back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

Creamed spinach over couscous sounds great. I would probably just do this with the leftovers too! Couscous is easy enough to make... Looks lovely. What a great find, that cookbook.

Chris said...

Yeah that title's probably a little too close Kathy. How bout "Vegan Convenience?"

thanks Laura. We found another good veg. cookbook for cheap at the same bookstore too but unfortunately it's closing now.