Thursday, October 12, 2006

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

We got this idea while watching Rachael Ray a couple weeks ago on the Food Network. Yeah, I know, what self-respecting vegan watches Rachael Ray? Well, at first I think we were just too lazy to change the channel, but then we were drawn in by the sheer monstrosity of these sandwiches she was making. And the fact that at the beginning of every show she says she'll be making a quick and "healthy" meal. So let's take a look at a few choice ingredients in her recipe: 8 slices bacon, 4 eggs, 1/4 c. half-and-half, 2 Tbs. butter, 1/2 lb. cheese, 1 lb. ham, 1 lb. turkey. But she used whole-grain bread so that makes it healthy right? Well, I wouldn't call our version tops in healthiness but it sure beats hers; and it's just a little better for the animals.

Many monte cristo recipes call for the whole sandwich to be battered and fried but we followed Ms. Ray on one item anyway and just battered and fried the bread (essentially just making the "Fronch" Toast recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance). Also from VwaV, some Tempeh Bacon went on our sandwiches, along with sliced and fried Faux Turkey seitan from La Dolce Vegan, avocado, Vegenaise, mustard, and some store-bought rice-based "cheese" slices. And we had some very healthy steamed broccoli on the side. Oh, and the kicker about Rachael Ray's sandwiches is the fact that she was billing them as a midnight meal. That's just what you need before going to bed is all that grease sitting like a rock in your gut eh?


Isa said...


Vegan_1 said...

Oh my God! That sandwich description (Rachel's, not yours) is so disgusting. I wonder why America is so overweight. I think it was designed by cardiologists who are trying to drum up business.

I love La Dolce Vegan. In my mind, it is a vegan staple. I also have VWAV. What are your other top 5 books?

VeganLuv said...

I find Rachel R. so disgusting not only in the food she prepares but her personality as well. If you've ever caught her doing a vegetarian recipe, she always puts a negative twist on it somehow. She blatently states she is an avid meat eater.

Gosh your version of the sandwich looks amazingly scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

I remember once R.R. made "Buffalo Wings" but instead of wings, she used chicken breasts, so she claimed that made them "healthy" - healthy enough to douse them with even more butter and blue cheese dressing. And to echo veganluv's comment from above, she regularly puts Worcesteshire sauce or some other non-veg thing in recipes she calls "vegetarian." Argh!! I'm glad I don't eat her food, because just watching her raises my blood pressure!
Sigh. Your sandwiches, however, look divine.

Anonymous said...

that looks seriously seriously good.

megan the vegan

Anonymous said...

hahaha I have seen that episode! It is sooo hilarious that she calls that a midnight "snack" hehe!

Your version looks yummy!

Chris said...

Thank you Isa!

Perhaps you're right about the cardiologists vegan1. Other than those 2 books I don't even know if there are another 5 we use regularly but I'd definitely put Vive le Vegan up there. And probably Very Vegetarian and Peter Berley's The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen. And Sinfully Vegan for dessert.

veganluv & bazu - I know what you mean about RR's so-called vegetarian meals. I think the only reason she does something veg. once in a while is for health reasons. But then how healthy can it be when you smother it with cheese?

Thanks for stopping by Megan & Julie. Rachael Ray is probably the food network personality vegans love to hate the most huh?

KathyF said...

I am so divorced from reality. Of course we have Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay here, who are no better. Are there any vegetarian/vegan cooking shows at all in the US?

Anonymous said...

so cool i found this! i too saw it and want to suprise my husband ith this sandwich- we are vegitarians not vegans - sorry we'll use cheese. But this is fantasitc! Thanks for sharing- I was and am going to do it the same way(but real chz) and I was just checking on her recipe! how funny!

Anonymous said...

@vegan_1:"I wonder why America is so overweight."

You realize that this was originally French fare, right? You might recognize the name, "roque-monsieur."