Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sweet-and-Sauerkraut Soup

We suddenly find ourselves awash in new cookbooks and I'm sure we'll get to each one in due time. First up is the updated edition of Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons, generously provided to us by the author Nava Atlas. The book is divided by season and, this being Fall, we dove into that section first. And this recipe caught my eye since we had half of a big jar of sauerkraut and a Tofurkey beer brat left from our recent German-inspired meal. The sauerkraut and a little sugar provide the sweet and sour flavor and it's quite hearty with the addition of potatoes, apples, tomatoes, and beans (white beans in the recipe but we used chickpeas because that's all we had on hand). The recipe also calls for some tempeh or soy sausage to be fried and put on top and the brat was perfect in that role. As well as being interesting and different, it was delicious. We also made the suggested Onion Rye Scones which were good with the soup. We haven't yet flipped through the entire book but already we've found several other recipes that look promising. Though there are a few recipes that call for non-dairy cheese, this updated version is all vegan and has many new recipes. We were just talking the other day about how we should have soup more often; now we have some inspiration.


Geraldine said...

Great minds think alike. I also planned to try this soup and scone combo first, from Nava's new book. Glad to hear it turned out well, sounds good. I like sweet and sour together.

Thanks for sharing, G

Chris said...

Indeed they do Geraldine. I just had some leftovers for dinner and it was still great.

G and the Mitz said...

How is dear Violet, forgot to ask last time. The Mitz sends her very best headbonk and huggs for a full recovery and soon.