Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brown Rice Pizza

We've been thinking about trying this rather unconventional pizza recipe from Vive le Vegan! for quite a while and we finally got to it tonight. The main break from convention is in the crust, which is made by mixing cooked brown rice with herbs and olive oil and pressing it into a pan. Then some pizza sauce goes on top along with some roasted veggies - we did zucchini, green bell pepper and shiitake mushrooms. We also put some vegan cheese on top - the Follow Your Heart mozzarella. We've tried the FYH cheddar flavor before and it was so-so, but the mozzarella was pretty good on the pizza. And the brown rice crust was quite good too, and very good for you. It didn't turn out to be something you could pick up with your hands like a standard pizza but it tasted good.


Anonymous said...

Rats, I'm disappointed the crust wasn't able to be picked up. I'm searching the world for a homemade gluten free pizza crust. The combo of ingredients sounds great. Maybe you could try it again and add lots of veggies and just call it a casserole.

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

i so wanted this crust to stick together when i tried it. i attributed it not sticking to my having used long grain rice (oops), but the suggestion to make as a casserole is a great one as the flavor is quite yummy!

Chris said...

The casserole idea is certainly a good one. I used long grain rice and it stuck together well enough to slice and get on a plate but not well enough to pick up. I did press it with parchment paper like Dreena suggests and that did the trick.