Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pomegranate Portobellos & Tempeh

Several months ago at Trader Joe's we bought a bottle of pomegranate glaze because it looked interesting. We actually used a little of it when we made BBQ Tofu, but since then it's been sitting in the fridge. Then just recently I picked up a whole pomegranate when they were on sale at one of our local grocery stores. I wasn't sure what to do with that either but then I got the idea of baking some tofu or tempeh in the glaze and sprinkling the pomegranate seeds on top. Well it was unseasonably warm here today so I thought I'd break out the grill one last time and fire up some tempeh and portobello mushrooms. I made a marinade with the pomegranate glaze, water, olive oil and a little salt and poured that over the tempeh and mushrooms. Later when I went out back and took the top off our itty-bitty hand-me-down grill I realized two things. One, I hadn't cleaned it since the last time I used it and 2) it had a big rusty hole in the bottom of it. So on to plan B which is to use a grill pan on the stove top and smoke up the house since we don't have an exhaust fan in our kitchen.

But first I cut open the pomegranate to retrieve the seeds. Tedious work that, and I decided I probably wouldn't buy another pomegranate any time soon. I did manage to extract most of the seeds though and I saved a few for a garnish and juiced the rest. The juice went into a most excellent apple crisp Darlene made for dessert. But I was talking about mushrooms and tempeh... Those were grilled on the stove top and came out quite good - especially with a dab of barbecue sauce on the side. The smoke alarm went off but sometimes these things happen. And in the good-for-you department we also had some kale on the side - cooked with onions and garlic and Spike seasoning (my new favorite way to cook greens).


tamara said...

hi chris and darlene.

dinner looks great, i've actually just bought some pomegranate molasses and am thinking of doing something similar soon :-) isa's pomegranate tofu perhaps.

so i just realized that you guys are from the DC area. i'm going there for thanksgiving to visit my boyfriend's family, and was wondering if you could recommend a vegan place or two. i saw that you have the sunflower restaurant linked. is that the best one in the area?

thanks a bunch,


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that dish looks absolutely astounding. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks. I can't wait to crack into the first pomegranate of the season!

Anonymous said...

I love anything with Pomegranate. We had them a few times a year as a treat as kids.

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea!! I also have the glaze in my fridge, thinking about making salad dressing, too.

Vegan_1 said...

What kind of grill pan do you have? I can't believe how that looks like it is cooked outside. We make barbecue tofu in the oven, but that looks so much better.

Chris said...

thanks everyone!

Tamara... we're actually about 2 hours from DC but we get up there every few months. Sunflower is our favorite but there are many other places there we've yet to try. In the city, there's lots of options in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, including several Ethiopian places and Sticky Fingers bakery. We also like Woodlands in Fairfax for South Indian food. Check for all you'll need to know.

vegan1 - I don't know the brand of grill pan but I wouldn't actually recommend it anyway. One thing I do like about it is it has a flat surface on the other side for cooking pancakes, etc. but it's supposed to be non-stick and it's very much not. It's large and rectangular and covers 2 burners but ours is slightly warped so it doesn't sit well on our stove top. I've seen cast iron pans like that and if you can find one of those that might work.

funwithyourfood said...

since i was a kid my mom would buy pomegranates for us. I've gotten to be really good at peeling them and such. this dish looks yummy


susan said...

I learned a trick a few years ago and now we eat pomegranates almost every night in Nov/Dec! Cut off the top, score the pomegranate into quarters, pull apart in a large bowl under water! The pith floats up to the surface and the seeds sink. We mostly have the seeds with sliced bananas & yoghurt for dessert, but I vary that with having them in salads, in guacomole (yum), in rice with nuts, and how ever else I can think of.

Chris said...

thanks Teddy... maybe I'll have to keep practicing. Susan, your idea sounds like a winner - I'll give that a try next time.