Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Lunch

Darlene's sister Kristen and her husband Ryan are in town for the holiday and we had them over for lunch today. We have so many Thanksgiving leftovers that we could've avoided cooking but we wanted to do something new (and keep the leftovers for ourselves ;-). We made the Jay-Lo's Fried "Chicken" from La Dolce Vegan and since it's the time of holiday excess and all we deep fried those yummy seitan strips to make them even more tasty. We also had some of the Mac & Cheeze from Very Vegetarian that we've posted about before and some steamed green beans. A bit of a Southern style meal and the muscadine wine topped it off (though admittedly now I'm not sure about the total vegan-ness of that stuff). But I am certain that we have enough leftovers so that we won't be cooking for at least the rest of the weekend.

Here's Kristen, Ryan and Darlene sitting down for lunch...

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