Monday, November 20, 2006

Spring Rolls

Something else we've done many times before but this time with a slight twist. We were in our local Asian market buying the spring roll wrappers and we were checking out what kinds of tofu they had when we spied another package that said "vegetarian chicken". It was basically just processed and seasoned seitan but we decided to get a package and give it a try. I don't really remember what chicken tastes like but I imagine this stuff was in the same ballpark. At any rate, it was something different to put in our spring rolls. It went in there along with the napa cabbage, snow peas, carrots, mushrooms and scallions. For the dipping sauce this time we relied on the sweet and sour sauce that was still hanging on in the fridge from our "neat" ball adventure. The sauce had been in there a while but we're not picky about using old stuff from the back of the fridge. It didn't have anything growing on it, then it didn't smell funky, and finally the taste test revealed that it was fine.

On the side we had a simple salad of red leaf lettuce, carrots and cucumbers with our standard sesame oil/rice vinegar/soy sauce dressing. Yum. Oh, and key lime pie for dessert. Double yum.


springsandwells said...

wow, that looks awesome. the spring rolls sound so good! Also, I totally agree with you about stuff in the fridge... I try to stay fresh, but sometimes you can only eat so much of one thing in a 3-day period. And somethings obviously appear to last longer than others.

tara said...

Those look really good. I love spring rolls, and have never made them myself. Great that you linked to your previous post. :)

Anonymous said...

The rolls look grea,t but the pie looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I saw these spring rolls earlier, and then found myself eating spring rolls with lunch. Coincidence? I certainly think not!

Vegan_1 said...

Your spring rolls are great. My husband, who is not a cook, made them from start to finish and they were great. We also liked your apricot jam sauce. Thanks for the post!

Chris said...

Now that I think about it Amey it's probably the acidity that allows some things to keep longer. That sauce had a lot of vinegar in it and ketchup as well. Anything with vinegar or tomatoes seems to keep for quite a while.

Give it a try some time Tara - they're great. And the pie certainly is amazing u.v.

glad we could inspire your lunch choice Jess ;-)

and thanks vegan1 - I think the apricot sauce is our favorite.