Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ginger Hoisin Soba Noodles

It figures. I talked about scaling back and now 2 nights in a row I've made something I deemed blog-worthy. This idea started with the Ginger Hoisin Rice Noodles recipe from The Everyday Vegan. We didn't have many of the veggies called for in the recipe so we changed that up based on what we had on hand, and we also used soba noodles instead of rice noodles. What we did have on hand worked well too - carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and cashews. I did the sauce straight from TEV and it came out really good (hoisin sauce, tamari, ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, sesame oil, corriander and crushed red pepper).

Dessert was great too - a parfait made with Darlene's special peanut butter pudding and carob pudding. The puddings are pretty simple; just silken tofu, powdered sugar, a little vanilla extract, and then peanut butter or melted carob chips (chocolate chips work wonderfully too).


springsandwells said...

Wow Chris!
Those both look so fantastic! Homemade pudding! Soba noodles! The noodles look really great... I've only very recently begun experimenting with some of the Asian ingredients, and it's been fun.

Chris said...

thanks Amey... I'm eating the noodles cold for lunch right now and they're great that way too.

vegancore said...

Oh man, both of those look awesome. I've been wanting to make that noodle recipe for a while. It's looks so good. And that parfait? Forget about it. Peanut butter is all I have to hear, really.

Anonymous said...

Even with the cilantro, I think that looks magnificently tasty. Lovely to see you guys posting!