Thursday, January 11, 2007

Curried Red Lentil Soup

It was back to Nava Atlas' Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons for this one. It's been a strange, warm winter so far here but the last few days finally feel like winter again. It was 25 degrees when I rode my bike to work this morning and only 40 or so when I came home. Good soup weather. This one came out pretty good though maybe not my favorite of the recipes we've tried from this book. It's good for you that's for sure, with red lentils, sweet potatoes and greens. I mostly followed the recipe but I used collards instead of the spinach or chard. Since collards take a lot longer to cook than the softer greens, I added them towards the beginning of the cooking time instead of near the end like you would if you were using something like spinach. I also went heavy on the ginger but I think that was warming for a cool night.


Dree said...

Boy, that looks good! Greetings from a fellow vegan in the Big Apple!

laura jesser said...

That looks really delicious. I've been meaning to pull that book out again... I bet I would really enjoy this soup, so maybe I'll try it next.

Brooke said...

Welcome back from your trip to FL. My parents live there as well (Pensacola), but are not nearly as cool about learning to cook for me as your dad is.
This soup looks fantastic!

Chris said...

hi dree! I hope we'll be visiting NYC again soon. We need to go on a big vegan food quest.

thanks Laura. We've definitely been happy with this book so far.

hi Brooke! I haven't spent much time in Pensacola but then it's a long way from where I grew up even though it's the same state.