Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun Food and Five Things

It was a weekend for "fun" foods, which I suppose started with Saturday night's Buffalo Seitan. I guess I was inspired by this Buffalo Tofu I had just read about. We've done similar things in the past but this was probably the best so far. Pretty simple too. We started with the Jay-Lo Fried "Chicken" from La Dolce Vegan - seitan breaded with seasoned flour and pan fried until crispy. Then we just made a sauce with about 2 Tbs. each margarine and hot sauce and poured that over the seitan. Holy yum! We also had Dreena's Chipotle Yam Wedges on the side, which I saw Laura make recently and decided that I had to try. Only we didn't have chipotle hot sauce so instead I used Pickapeppa Sauce which is one of my favorites. It has a medium heat level and is flavored with tamarind which I figured would pair well with the yams. We rounded it out with a little kale but that wasn't the star of the plate.

Next up, would you believe we made something called Lardy Cake? We have a cookbook with bread recipes from around the world and Darlene kept eyeing this recipe for a traditional English fruit bread made with lard. Since we all know that in addition to being NOT VEGAN, lard is totally gross, she instead used Earth Balance margarine and dubbed it Margey Cake. She cut back on the fat and made a few other tweaks and the result was delicious. Kind of like a cinnamon raisin bread with the addition of diced dried apples and apricots. Very good toasted for breakfast or just as a snack.

Finally, Sunday night's dinner was Tempeh Reubens from Vegan with a Vengeance. We've written about these before and they were just as good as last time. Marinated tempeh on pumpernickel bread with thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, avocado and dill pickles. Quite a satisfying dinner.

Finally, I was tagged by Vanessa to list five things you didn't know about me. I had a hard time coming up with things that I thought were at least semi-interesting but here goes.

1. My 15 minutes of fame came when I was 15 years old and my friends and I built a skateboard ramp on the side of my house. Soon after that, the city told us to take the ramp down because it was illegal. My mom, being the radical that she is, wanted to teach me that you can fight city hall and, long story short, we took the city to court and won. At that time the town I grew up in was fairly small and this kind of thing was newsworthy so my picture was in the paper and there were several articles during the course of the legal fight. Of course the legal wrangling took so long that by the time of our victory my friends and I had built a bigger and better ramp in the woods near someone else's house and we soon took down the ramp at my house that caused all the hubub.

2. I grew up surfing and skating and took up snowboarding in college. I've dabbled in wakeboarding too, but I have a hard time with anything that requires each foot to move independently. In-line skating, water skiing, snow skiing, forget it. I just learned to ice skate about 2 years ago and it wasn't pretty. I finally got to where I could make my way around the rink without falling down but that's about the best I can say.

3. I sometimes say that Virginia is the coldest climate I've lived in but that's not entirely true since I was born in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's just that my family moved to Florida before I was old enough to remember New York.

4. I have bachelors and masters degrees in engineering but I've never worked as an engineer. After graduate school I got a job doing GIS and I've never looked back. (If you said "Huh?", follow the link.)

5. Speaking of school, here's one from both of us. Darlene and I met in graduate school. When I started, the professors I worked for had just received a bunch of new hardware and software from Intergraph for a project I'd be working on. They told me there was another student I should meet who used to work for Intergraph. Not only did I meet her, I married her.

Now... who to tag next? This one has been going around for a while so apologies if you've already been tagged and I missed it.



springsandwells said...

Margey Bread!
what a hilarious name! looks great though.

All the food looks good, in fact. And I enjoyed your interesting factoids. Now I have to think of something interesting about myself!
ha ha

Twisted Cinderella said...

I like all of your five things but I love the last one the best. Very cool!

bazu said...

Hey Chris, I love your fun foods! Around here, we usually eat fun/naughty things on Friday nights to celebrate the end of the week. That Margey bread looks fantastic- something I'd be into as well.
I enjoyed reading the 5 things about you- (extreme sports- who knew?) and I'll try responding to your tag this week.

Vanessa said...

So fun! Cute story about you and Darlene - and the Buffalo Tofu looks to die for!

kathyF said...

I posted about Lardy Cake a while back, but never imagined anyone would ever eat it! It actually looks good.

Anonymous said...

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