Thursday, March 15, 2007


I took the day off work yesterday and we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather while snowboarding in beautiful spring conditions at Wintergreen. Typically we hit the slopes many times in a season but this was our first (and maybe last) time going this year. Powder conditions are rare in this neck of the woods and virtually non-existent this year but for me the next best thing is going when all you need for warmth is a long-sleeved T-shirt.

But this is supposed to be about food. After we got home we started thinking about dinner. Darlene was flipping through the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook and came across the fondue recipes. "Let's have fondue!" she said. "Oh that sounds good" said I, "There's a fondue recipe in the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook we just got too." After some deliberating we went with the Vegan Lunch Box version. It looked good, though with a sliken tofu base I was wondering if might come out with that tofu aftertaste. I needn't have been worried. Maybe the miso and salt or all the other flavors cover that but either way it was great. For dipping we had steamed brussels sprouts, lightly sautéed tempeh, baby carrots, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and some nice crusty bread. And before you think "I don't have a fondue set because there's no room in my kitchen to store one", we're in the same boat and that didn't stop us. I got the fondue piping hot in a small casserole dish on the stove top and we served it on top of a hot/cold gel pack that we heated in the microwave. And we ate with plain 'ol forks. Maybe it wouldn't have been fancy enough for company but it worked fine for us.


bazu said...

That looks like a great picnic! I've tried the vegan lunchbox fondue too- I felt I needed to up all the spices to get the intensity of flavor I wanted (more miso, more lemon juice, more mustard, etc.) I'm totally craving it right now!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

what a beautiful spread! how fun!

last night i made your tangerine seitan but with orange. oh my, it was so incredibly good!
i made the broccoli, set it aside, made the seitan, set that aside, then made the sauce and poured it on top. seitan stayed crispy no problem.

can't wait to make it again, thanks for sharing the recipe! it totally nailed a chinese food craving i didn't even realize i'd been having!

Chris said...

That's great dgmgv! That reminds me it's been a while since we've done that. Now I'm craving it too ;-)

Bazu, I think all I did with it was add a little extra salt and maybe a little more mustard. Regardless, it's definitely a keeper.

laura jesser said...

Wow, sounds delish! Snowboarding sounds like fun--none of that white stuff for me this winter, though!

Elana said...

Fondue is so fun. I have a Staub fondue pot that I love making beer cheese fondue in. My boyfriend isn't vegetarian, but even eats fake chicken pieces with me. Thanks