Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please not another gnocchi post!

But I've got a good reason. Well, I think it's good anyway. We're here trying to show that vegan food is fun and delicious but we also want to demonstrate that it can be quick and simple too. You see, the thing I like about gnocchi is that it can easily be a one pot dish. But wait a minute you say. Doesn't it say on the package to boil it for a few minutes? Well it does, but in my mind that's just two more dishes to clean (a big pot and a colander if you want to keep track). So I sauté my veggies, add some herbs, then my gnocchi. And then I add about 1/2 cup of liquid, vegetable broth in this case, cover the pan, lower the heat and simmer for 6-8 minutes or until the gnocchi are soft. But check on those little buggers after a few minutes to make sure they're not sticking to the pan and add more liquid if you need to.

Tonight I looked at the clock when I walked into the kitchen and it was exactly 30 minutes from that time until I was dishing out dinner. And I did some dishes too while the gnocchi were cooking. You can add whatever veggies and seasonings you want too. This batch had onions, zucchini and cabbage because that's what was in the fridge, and I added a handful of bell pepper strips from a bag in the freezer and a little bit of tofu for some added protein. I also added garlic and tomato paste, and seasoned with dried basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Now I'll grant you that this isn't the most healthy thing (whole wheat pasta'd be better) but it's a far cry better (and almost as quick) than driving to your local fast food place and scarfing down whatever junk they're serving up.


Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

i adore this blog. you always showcase things that i normally wouldn't think to make.

i've thought about making my own gnocchi in the past as i've yet to see it at our grocer, but never have felt all that inspired.

this post, the photo alone? changes that entirely.

i love how things seem to come together in your kitchen between the two of you. great stuff, indeed!

springsandwells said...

Nice Work Chris!
30 minutes from starting to cook to eating!! That's awesome. I usually end up taking closer to an hour.

Tracy said...

Gnocchi is one of those things I've been meaning to try but just kinda haven't, for no particular reason.I had assumed you pretty much had to eat gnocchi with tomato sauce, but trying it this way is right up my alley! Thanks for the idea, I've bookmarked this post for the day (soon) when I take the plunge and give it a try.

bazu said...

Oh gnocchi, how do I love thee.
Thanks for the tip- no more boiling those little suckers! =)

jenny said...

What brand of gnocci do you use? It looks wonderful!

Chris said...

I don't know the brand Jenny but we almost always get it at Trader Joe's and it's the only kind they have there.

Thanks so much for the kind words dgmgv. I've tried making my own gnocchi once or twice in the past and it's good but time consuming. Speaking of which, an hour is usually a minimum for me Amey but that's what I like about gnocchi - very quick.

Give 'em a try Tracy. In fact I don't know if I've ever had gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Bazu - I think many of my ideas are born from laziness, i.e. not wanting extra dishes to clean ;-)

laura jesser said...

I've recently discovered how much I love gnocchi--and yes, it's great because it cooks up in just a couple of minutes flat! Your dish looks so tasty...

Twisted Cinderella said...

I have never tried cooking gnocchi but this post has inspired me! I am going to give it a try next time I get groceries! (Oh and I am fan of one pot meals too!)