Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stop Global Warming

It was a bit of a night on the town for us. Our relatively new outdoor concert venue downtown, the Charlottesville Pavilion, kicked off the season with the Stop Global Warming College Tour and a free show from Robert Randolph & the Family Band. We walked downtown a little before the show and had dinner at our favorite burrito joint Atomic Burrito. What's great about this place is they offer whole wheat tortillas and brown rice. And that's how both of our burritos started. Then it was black beans, a sautéed squash mixture, lettuce, guacamole and salsa. Darlene got the straight up fruit salsa and I opted for the jicama-peach salsa - quite interesting and tasty. Here's my half eaten monster burrito. Fortunately I snapped a decent picture before anyone started looking at me funny.

On our way back down the mall towards the pavilion we stopped at Splendora's, and despite the fact that it was a cool night, we split a small cup of dairy-free sorbet. One scoop of raspberry, one scoop of pineapple, all delicious!

Then it was on to the pavilion for a presentation by Laurie David about the perils of global warming and what we as individuals can do to stop it. And afterwards it was on to the funky rhythms of Robert Randolph.

But wait a minute. What can we do to stop global warming? Granted it was a relatively short presentation but not once did I hear Laurie David say, "Stop eating meat!". Yet that's something easy to do that has an enormous impact on your individual greenhouse gas emissions. There was talk about switching to energy efficient lighting in your home and in fact they were giving away free compact fluorescent bulbs at the event tonight. That's all well and good but if you switch from the typical American diet to a vegan diet you'll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions 8 times as much as if you switch all the lights in your house to compact fluorescents. And it depends somewhat on how you interpret the science but it appears that switching to a vegan diet has at least as much impact on your greenhouse gas emissions as switching from a mid-size car to a hybrid. And I'm hear to tell you that vegan food is a lot cheaper than running out and buying a Prius. So what are you waiting for?


springsandwells said...

I agree. Isn't it super frustrating how so many people concerned about global warming won't even acknowledge the problems of meat eating? It's just a sacrifice they're not willing to consider. ARgh! Did you read the editorial about Al Gore in VegNews a while back? It was very interesting.

laura jesser said...

Great post! I would have loved to make it to a leg of the college tour, but it skipped right over Georgia. Talk of global warming is all a-buzz in the air these days--thank goodness! I did a write-up today, in the spirit of Earth Day, on global warming and vegetarian/vegan issues. Check it out, if you want. I'm hoping my meat-eating friedns will see it and really consider it. Everything you said is exactly right!

laura jesser said...

Oops. Here's the link to my write-up:

Chris said...

Excellent post Laura. You link to some very compelling articles.

I did see that VegNews article Amey. Interesting indeed. And I did note after watching An Inconvenient Truth that the meat eating-global warming link was conveniently left out.

Nancy Too said...

Hello-Met Darlene at a bike race and checked out the blog after. Fabulous, if slightly hunger-inducing! In Slate today: "the average meat eater causes a ton and a half more carbon dioxide emissions for food production than the average vegetarian." Can’t speak for the accuracy, but nice to see the message going out to a wider audience. You can check out the article here:
Thanks for the blog, and the ideas. I'll be back. Cheers!