Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Big Sunday Breakfast

We've been pretty busy the last several weekends and yesterday I was gone at a bike race most of the day so today I wanted to take the time to relax a little in the morning and have a hearty breakfast. And what better place to turn than Vegan with a Vengeance. Though we've tried close to half the recipes, there are still many more we want to try and this morning we knocked a couple off that list. First up were the Ginger-Pear Waffles, the only waffle recipe we hadn't yet tried. Maybe it's just the humidity here but I found that the recipe called for a bit much liquid and then I ended up adding more flour so the batter wasn't so thin. Other than that they were fabulous. We thought about making some kind of fruity sauce to go with them but they were quite alright with just a bit of margarine and maple syrup.

I've also been wanting to try the Breakfast Veggie Chorizo. Again I found the amount of liquid called for to be a bit on the high side but no matter, this stuff was oh-so-tasty as well. It would indeed make a great breakfast burrito filling as Isa suggests but we had it sans tortilla with hash browns and roasted asparagus on the side. We also decided that it would make a great sloppy joe filling. At any rate, all this wonderful food gave us plenty of energy for a full day of working in the yard. We've had a pesky groundhog snacking on some of the young plants in our garden so we put up a fence that will hopefully keep him (or her) out. (Help yourself to our compost pile but please stay outta the garden!) It looks like a mini-fortress out there now but hopefully it'll be worth it.


Lizard Princess said...

I just got lost in the herbivore site you had linked, gazing at all their goodies! I love the "wings are for flying, not frying" logos on the shirts and hoodies etc.

I've been making vegan waffles for years for my carnivorous family- they have not once complained!!

Kate said...

Glad the waffles came out good. I have not made waffles since I became vegan and am really looking for a good plain waffle recipe. Can you point me in the direction of a great one?

Veg-a-Nut said...

Vegan waffles and french toast are the bomb. Yours look wonderful. YOur breakfast looks devine!

Chris said...

They've got some great stuff on that site lizard princess.

We like plain waffles too sometimes Kate. Usually I use a recipe from Very Vegetarian which I posted once here.

Thanks veg-a-nut! I do love french toast too.

springsandwells said...

Oh fun!
Nice to hear & see about both of these recipes... I haven't tried either of them. We have a substand waffle maker, so my waffle enthusiasm is lower than it should be!

Anonymous said...

noticed that many animals were losing their shelter/habitat/lives due to the cultvating of the spring fields for planting various crops-lots also being killed on our roads-how can we fix this?