Monday, May 07, 2007

Kicked Up Seitan

So there's the regular kind of cayenne and then there's the kind that's like 8 billion heat units (or something to that effect). We have the latter kind. So whenever I make something that calls for cayenne I'm very careful about the amount I use, usually only adding a pinch. Well Darlene didn't think much about it this weekend and she made seitan from a recipe in La Dolce Vegan using the full amount of cayenne in the recipe. Now I don't really mind spicy things and in fact she occasionally has issues with my cooking because I make things too hot for her. But this time it wasn't my fault.

Actually, in the end the seitan itself wasn't excessively spicy (though the same wasn't true of the broth), and we both enjoyed a couple of nice meals with it. Starting with these fajitas that made for a quick Cinco de Mayo dinner. Quick because I used frozen bell pepper strips and frozen green beans along with the seitan and onion and garlic. I also threw in a couple of tomatoes from a can, fresh lime juice, agave and a little chili powder. We had this sweet-spicy concoction on whole wheat tortillas with a little salsa on top and life was grand.
Next up were these subs that were inspired by, though not quite the same as, some excellent Vietnamese sandwiches we used to get when we lived in Raleigh. I chopped the seitan, fried it in a little oil, then glazed it at the end with a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar, apricot jam and maple syrup. Then it went on some crusty hoagie rolls with vegan mayo, green onions, cucumber and carrots. Wow... I really want another one of these just thinking about it now.


bazu said...

Mmmmm, Vietnamese sandwiches, I love them so! Glad the seitan turned out all right.

lory said...

miam, très belle recette!