Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Frijoles Refritos

Or refried beans if you prefer. Usually when we make black beans they're going into a tortilla, but I got the idea to serve refried beans over a bed of lettuce while flipping through Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian. We had a very ripe avocado so that went on top along with some chopped cilantro (and we also had a little steamed broccoli on the side).

For the frijoles, last night I soaked a pound of black beans, then threw them into the slow cooker this morning. They were very soft when it was time to start dinner so I figured the refried option would be best. I cooked onion and banana pepper in oil, added lots of garlic, cumin and salt & pepper, then several chopped canned tomatoes, and finally the beans and some of their cooking liquid. I smashed everything together good with a wooden spoon, put in a few dashes of hot sauce and on to the lettuce bed it went.


Judith MacCaellich-Young said...

I've never tried re-fried beans with black beans before, how did the taste compare to haricot?

Keith Berger said...

Hello! I was looking for vegan sites and found your blog. I poked around a bit and read the beautiful things Darlene wrote in tribute to Violet. M'wife and I lost our kitty (pictured here) in August and continue to heal from the terrible loss. Caramel had been ill for years with feline diabetes (we gave her insulin injections twice a day) and a few other things. We were with her when she passed and miss her every day.

I'm sorry for your loss, and grateful that your site gave me more vegan food ideas and reminded me of my sweet little girl...


bazu said...

Yummy. You sure know how to capture the essence of summery food.

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by Keith. We are still healing from our loss of Violet too and hardly a moment goes by that we don't think about her and miss her. I'm sorry to hear about your Caramel - she looks very sweet.

Here we go with the naming conventions again Judy. I had to look up what haricot meant (that would be a navy bean in the US). I've never tried refried beans with haricot/navy beans so I can't give you a comparison but I do like black beans and I would think they might have a bit of a bolder flavor.

Thank you Bazu ;-)