Sunday, July 15, 2007

Linguine with Citrus Cream Sauce and Radicchio

This was another recipe I printed out a long time ago but never got around to making. We saw it once while watching Emeril so it's decidedly not vegan but with enough adaptation it came out very good. Although it did remind both of us that we're not huge fans of radicchio. Was it just the particular head that I bought or is this stuff really bitter? I roasted it briefly with a bit of olive oil instead of using it raw as the recipe suggests. It was pretty good with the citrus-y sauce but next time we make this we'll probably go with a different vegetable.

But we may well make the sauce again because it was excellent, if a bit different. It started with cooking a shallot in a little Earth Balance, then adding a little vegetable broth, then a mixture of Silk creamer, plain soy milk and cornstarch. Then I added the orange zest and lemon zest, along with nutritional yeast, miso, salt & pepper, and finally the fresh mint at the end. Sometimes there's just no veganizing a Food Network recipe but this attempt turned out well.

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bazu said...

Wow- I like the idea of the orange and lemon in there- sounds like a great combo!