Thursday, November 01, 2007

Snobby Joes

Suddenly it seems I've become a menace in the kitchen but hopefully the bad luck will be over soon. I planned to post last night about our tasty Veganomicon Snobby Joes from the night before and about handing out healthier-than-candy Halloween treats. But as I was hurriedly chopping a pepper to put in a tofu scramble I damn near chopped off the tip of my pinky finger. We had to leave the Halloween treats by the front door and head to the ER, where I ended up with 5 stitches in my finger. So yet another lesson. Knives are sharp. And your fingers have no business being underneath them.

But the Snobby Joes sure were good. Car repairs blew a hole in our budget this past month so we've been holding off on ordering Veganomicon. I think we'll have to break down and get it soon, but in the meantime we're glad for the sample recipes Isa posted.

We're also glad that our leftover Halloween treats make good snacks for us any time. Though it can be a challenge finding vegan candy for Halloween, that's what we've done in years past. Then we've ended up eating too much of the leftovers ourselves. This year we decided to go a different route and we got little peanut butter pretzel snack packs and micro-sized boxes of raisins to hand out. I don't know if the kids appreciated it but maybe their parents did.


carrie said...

I'm going to be trying those Snobby Joes next week, I think my kids will love them!! I'll be sure to watch out for the knife though!

As a mom of 2, I would certainly appreciate the raisins as treat, but with a little one severely allergic to peanuts, I'd have to pass on the pretzels.

VeggieGirl said...

yikes, be careful with the knives!!

great Halloween treats you passed out!! I LOVE raisins especially, so your treats are well-appreciated :0) Thank goodness you won't be contributing to the health problems of today's children!!

Happy World Vegan Day!! :0)

urban vegan said...

SNobby Joes looks so tasty and sloppy--I can't find Veganomicon in any of our bookstores yet. *Sigh*

I'm sure all the parents appreicated your healthy treats--the kids get enough sugar anyway.

Sara said...

Hi Chris,

It was nice meeting you in NC a little while ago... I've added your blog to my google reader.


the pleasantly plump vegan said...

ouch! hope yr finger doesn't hurt too bad.
the raisins and pretzels are a great idea for halloween. thanks for the idea for next year.

Kate said...

Yes knives are painfull, on the other hand, knives and hot peppers... well yeah you get it. We handed out pretzels and only a fews kids came so next year we will become the favorite house on the block by handing out glow sticks.

Veg-a-Nut said...

I am glad you are ok and that your left overs were the kind we all like. It has been a bad month for us budget wise and am happy for the sample recipes posted. I think the joes look great!

Chris said...

hey sara! thanks for stopping by!

and thanks for the comments everyone. my finger still looks a little gross but it's doing better. the stitches come out in a few more days.

bazu said...

Oh, I hope your finger's ok!
This was the first year that we handed out trick-or-treat candy - usually, we just went out to dinner on Halloween. We got a selection of vegan hard candies. Not as healthy as yours, but not as bad as chocolates and other non-veg. things. Plus, as a bonus, there's a bit of it left over and I don't crave them at all (I'd have finished all of your pretzels and raisins by now!).
Daiku and I saw some individually wrapped prunes in the store and laughed about the idea of handing out prunes... and maybe rumballs (those little rum candies) to the kids to cement our reputations as the weirdos on the block... lol!

Cherie said...

That's the worst when you cut yourself anywhere on the hands, since it takes a long time to heal.

Hey, I thought I'd be seeing some Vegan Month of Food posts from you....*hint*hint*

Summer Fae said...

I hope that your finger gets better really soon!

Your Snobby Joes look fantastic.

Chris said...

I know Cherie... I missed the boat on the veganmofo. But I am formulating a plan for something else special very soon ;-)